Jeremy Suh. Washington Area Freelance Korean - English Interpreter / Translator

Jeremy Suh 서주열

Freelance Korean - English
Interpreter / Translator

Government, media interview and meeting
10+ years of experience

About Me

I am Jeremy Suh; my wife and I have been living in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area for the past 10 years and have three beautiful kids. Currently, I serve the DC metro area for on-site interpretation projects and nearby locations as well. I also remotely translate projects for clients all over the world.

It was great to find Jeremy after experiencing so many unprofessional interpreters. His Korean and English are both flawless, he is thorough yet easygoing so my interviews went smoothly. I eagerly recommend him to anyone who needs and interpreter in the DC area.

J. Ryu ~ The Seoul Daily

... very conscious of my projects timeline, he always finishes his work before the deadline. He communicates well, understands exactly what the project is about and carries it out accordingly ...

Hazel P ~ Kangs and Associates

I was greatly helped by Jeremy Suh for my two-day US federal government interview and facility tour. His proficiency made my business trip very smooth. Not only was he proficient with interpreting, he had also an excellent business manner and adequately dealt with every situation. He also provided me with a summarized transcription of the meeting so I was able to write my trip report easily. I absolutely recommend him to everyone.

J Park ~ Korea Institute for Industrial, Economics and Trade

I had a business meeting with Jeremy Suh. He thoroughly prepared before the meeting, and was very proficient in both Korean and English, helping all parties to communicate and arrive at a successful conclusion. He was thoughtful, his humble and outgoing personality positively affected the atmosphere. It was a great blessing to meet with him in DC. Thank you so much for all your help!.

Jeongun Byun ~ Korea Incubator-lab of Group Exercise

I am grateful for Jeremy’s work with my visit to UNHCR Washington office. He managed our meeting very well. The time was very short but he efficiently communicated the main points. I’ve had experiences with various interpreters in the past who were unable to emphasize key items of my agenda thus wasting a lot of time. Overall, he was outstanding, especially during questions and answers, he succinctly conveyed my thoughts and concerns even when I was sometimes verbose.

Sim Moonbo ~ Deputy Director, Korea Ministry of Unification

My Work

Media Interviews

  • Corporate onsite interviews including touring facilities
  • Academic experts at Universities or other educational campuses
  • Informal meet and greets

Government Visits

  • Information exchange between governments
  • Delegation visit
  • Seminars and various meetings

Business Meetings

  • Various business meeting both formal and informal settings
  • Exhibition escourt interpretation

Conferences and Seminars

  • Conference simultaneous interpretation
  • Seminar or meeting presentation

Medical Interpretation

  • Doctor's appointment
  • Physical/occupational therapy
  • Rehabilitation

Translation & Video Subtitle

My Experience

  • Virginia Court Interpretation Training Completion (2017)
  • Community Interpretation Training Completion (2014)
  • Medical Interpretation Training Completion (2013)


Journalists' Interviews

  • Chosun Daily, Electronic Times, INews <> 2018 Fireye Cybersecurity Summit (summit, press conference and CEO, analysists interview)
  • The Dong-A Daily <> Washington Post (Fact Checker), Tempa Bay Tribune (PolitiFact)
  • The Seoul Daily <> AeroFarm, Columbia University, Brookings Institution, Pew Research Center
  • MoneyToday <> The Heritage Foundation
  • Maeil Business Newspaper <> Investment Company Institute, AARP
  • OhMyNews <> Federal Election Commission, The Center for Responsive Politics

Government/International Organizational Meetings

  • Korea Fair Trade Commission <> U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Consumer Federation of America
  • Korea Ministry of Unification <> UNHCR Refugee Agency, IRC
  • Korea Radio Promotion Association <> National Association of Broadcasters, IDB, Pearl TV
  • Korea Culture, Art and Education Service <> Smithsonian, Kennedy Center, Wolftrap
  • Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers, Korea City Gas Association with Delegation <> Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
  • Korea Foundation of Nuclear Safety <> Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Korea Energy Agency <> US Department of Energy
  • Korea Internet & Security Agency <> U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology (National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence)
  • Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade <> U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Mayor Choi Sung (Goyang) with delegation <> Loudoun County VA, Airbus, US Department of State, The Heritage Foundation
  • Korea Ministry of Strategy and Finance, National Tax Service <> US Department of Commerce, US Department of Treasury
  • Korea Land and Housing Institute <> Inter-American Development Bank
  • Korea Ministry of Justice <> American Telemedicine Association
  • Korea Employment Information Agency <> National Correction, Montgomery County, MD


  • 3D Printing (RAPID + TCT 2017)-MaxroTec
  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data — Korea <> US PTO
  • Cyber Security — 2018 Fireeye Cyber Security Summit

Hospitals and clinics (Ad Astra Inc.)

  • Johns Hopkins Hospitals and Clinics — Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Oncology, Rehabilitation, Internal Medicine
  • Adventist HealthCare — Rehabilitation, Mental health
  • INOVA — Emergency medicine, Internal Medicine, Rehabilitation


  • Seoul National University Social Development Institute <> Kennedy Centrer, National Endowment for the Arts
  • US citizenship interview
  • Osteem Implant International's audit and interview
  • North Korea Reform Radio <> National Democratic Institute

Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Living Stream Ministry Conferences
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission RIC-2019


  • The Executive Office of the President, US — translation and review
  • Translation Blvd, US — marketing video translation and subtitle production
  • Kangs and Associates, Korea — transcribed marketing material
  • The Seoul Daily, Korea — articles
  • Silja Line, Finland — cruise line promotional brochures and website
  • Fallshaw Holdings, Australia — medical equipment promotional brochures
  • Tiny Readers Publishing Inc., US — children's books editing

My Story

Native Korean

South Korea

1975 - 1998

I was born, raised, educated and worked in South Korea for twenty seven years, as such I am a native Korean speaker. I have a Bachelor's degree in Chung Nam National University.

Liason Fusion Officer

Republic of Korea

1998 - 2001

Because of my English proficiency, I was able to serve as an intelligence officer (1st and 2nd lieutenant) for the Republic of Korea Air Force and was assigned to work with the US Air Force at the Osan Airbase. During my 1st year of service, I worked as a liaison officer collaborating between the Korean and US Air Forces. I was involved with processing and analyzing a variety of data.

In my 2nd year, I moved to the Air Force Headquarter in Taejon and there translated many English military documents into Korean. Weekly I reported my findings concerning current military technology in the World. And semi-annually I was responsible to care for the practical details of the International Intelligence Conference between the R.O.K and U.S. and Japan.

Immigration To U.S.A

Post Graduate Program in Anaheim, CA

2001 - 2003

After Korean military service, I moved to US and attended Christian college program. I was able to fully immerse into English speaking environment, learning Biblical truth and Christian service.

Since graduating I have been working in U.S. campus ministry for the past ten years, working and communicating with college students. I believe my English level is currently at a near-native level.

Passion for Translation & Interpretation

Freelance Korean Translator and Interpreter

2003 - Present

I started interpreting and translating by helping my parents whose English are very limited. From customer service phone calls to scheduling and appointments to accompanying them to the DMV, their limitations due to language were very apparent. I was glad I was able to help them, but more so, I realized I could really serve the Korean community utilizing my skills.

Since then, I began my formal training to aid in medical interpretation, while helping small local businesses’ communication to meet a variety of needs. These experiences led to interpreting interviews for visiting journalists and most recently to interpreting for seminars between various departments of the US and Korean governments, as such I was granted a security clearance.

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